Old knitters, new tricks

Say "hello" to Herringbone Stitch.

I have evil plans for this stitch, instructions for which can be found on this handsome scarf pattern. All it involves is a series of increases and decreases to get the arrow feature into your fabric, but the increase in question is the Knit Right Loop (KRL).

Off to Knittinghelp.com.

Speaking of Knittinghelp.com...don't you love her? She doesn't bite her nails, deploy the ef-word even when executing complex maneuvers, and she can do everything, English and Continental-style (backwards and in high-heels, too, no doubt).

Anyway, scroll down to find her videos for the KRL, they are most illuminating. Then give Herringbone Stitch a whirl. Would make a smashing men's sweater, though I have other plans...

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