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If we were to "theme" 2010 here at Chez Nake-id the theme would be de-clutter. In fact on New Year's Day, I could be found tearing through the linen closet and my jewelry drawer consigning things to Goodwill.

That's not to say we've attained a minimalist ideal. Far from it. But we have recycled the electronics boneyard, old paint, made multiple trips to Family Tree, participated in the neighborhood garage sale and donated a lot of yarn for charity knitting at The Lamb. And I've yet to tackle my closet.

A few things, though, have crept in. A table we're giving to a neighbor was replaced with an Ikea bookshelf purchased from Craigslist. My friend Lynn, whose mother died suddenly right before Thanksgiving, held her mother's estate sale last week, and I'm embarrassed to report that I ripped a hand-crocheted coverlet right off her childhood bed, paid for it and took it home.

It's stunning. Lynn said it was either crocheted by her grandmother or aunt, who were happy, prolific hookers and she is blessed with stacks of these beauties. This one is a sturdy, white cotton that I thought would look lovely--and stand up to to some cat abuse--on our summer bed.

Yellowed in spots from age, it came beautifully clean after a long OxyClean bath. If we get more than a wan sun today, I'll hang it on the line for some air drying and a photo shoot. I'll also do some sleuthing to see if I can find a similar pattern.

When all of this is done, I'm hoping for less stuff, a net negative, as it were. Not sure how well we're doing.

Cleaning vintage textiles: Because this coverlet is cotton and white, I felt I could be more aggressive. I soaked it for about six hours in hot water and OxyClean, then added detergent and allowed the machine to complete its cycle. Then I washed it again with detergent and a couple of scoops of OxyClean. We're line drying it now. If I had to do it again, I would have just spun out the original bath and rinsed, then washed on delicate. I think I damaged some edges by allowing the machine to agitate. But it's white. Boy is it white!

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April 26. 2010 12:16


Can't wait to see it!

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