One-skein shawl class up to two skeins

So I was like advertising my advanced beginner shawl class as a $25 quickie, but by the time I rounded the border of this lovely shawl, all that remained was a ball of yarn about the size of a quail's egg. Not even enough to bind off.

Gauge issue? Too many increases? Whatever, I needed more yarn. And not just any yarn but more Sleep Season.

Sleep Season has become something of a cult favorite at Wild Yarns. Dyed by a woman in Littleton, the skeins walk out the door almost as soon as they arrive. If you want the best selection, stalk Wild Yarns' Facebook page for updates.

I suspected finding another skein of my colorway--Moody Monday--would be like a sighting a yeti. And with my class starting on Tuesday (hurry, now, there's only two spots left!), I decided there had been enough dithering and high-tailed myself to the yarn store.

Pawing through Kelly's few remaining skeins, I unearthed "Web of Shadows." More greens and teals, less red but the same wonderful indigo trending to purple.

See how it blends with the shawl-in-progress? I think it will add nice contrast to the border without distracting from the pretty stitches.

That naughty planet Mercury must be well on its way to righteous directatude.


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