Over and under-exposed

A few weeks ago, one of Colorado’s famous meteorologists predicted that we would experience one of the driest winters on record.

So, of course, it’s been snowing.

I feel the cold keenly, but adore it anyway. Cozy nights under piles of blankets and cats. Hot, savory stews. Grey skies, which demand reading and knitting (under more blankets and cats). The soft quiet of a walk in fresh snow.

And, wearing chic knits.

Yesterday, at The Lamb, Kay made this recommendation for cold-weather dressing: Mitts over stretchy gloves. Warm hands and wrists! Brilliant. And more fun to knit than dish cloths.

Forgive the over-exposed photo.


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December 14. 2007 12:48


Cute, but I think I'd like some dainty, lacy wristlets over the gloves - you know, ones with frills and stuff.

Susan |

December 15. 2007 10:44


What a fabulous idea!

skeincocaine |

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