Paper Dolls

Having waxed nostalgic the other day about paper dolls, I wanted to see what was available today.

Turns out there are as many paper doll choices for adults as there are for children.

There are printable dolls (remember Betsy McCall?), anime paper dolls, paper dolls for your computer, kits to make your own as well as paper doll collectors and artists who are members of the "paper doll community." And, yes, there are even blogs about paper dolls. 


Betsy McCall circa 1964

Paper dolls have the singular ability to allow the (for lack of a better word) "user" to try on a new outfit or identity for the price of printed paper. As little girls we could try on Betsy's Easter outfit (Betsy probably lives in an ashram now), Sheree North's fur-trimmed suit or Kimberly the Ballerina's tutu and inhabit those lives for a moment. Odd that I've been unable to find any paper dolls in university settings? What child wouldn't fantasize about being a higher ed consultant?


 From Sheree North Paper Dolls

There is also an entire category of subversive dolls, like the one below from the amazIng Etsy vendor Le Lapin Triste. Her Sylvia Plath doll replete with mini oven, just happens to be on sale.

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March 15. 2011 10:40


At our sale we sold "Gone with the Wind" and "Princess Elizabeth and Margaret Rose" paper dolls.  Oh my!

Sue |

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