Mid-century stuff

Party like it's 1959

(The stuff: Spring Skater Dress originally spied on Marta McCall's Pinterest feed; Marquis by Waterford martini glasses; Cherries in the Snow lipstick by Revlon, an icon from 1953 and a favorite of yours truly circa 1986, ahem; a vintage Better Homes and Garden Cookbook; and Gerbe Paris Classic Backseam Tights.)

The 1950s have been too much with us here at Nake-id Knits, what with cleaning out Mom and Dad's digs. We're awash in the past: Crystal martini glasses, a first edition of Mastering the Art of French Cooking, Revere Ware, elbow-length leather gloves, linen wedding shoes and so, so much more.

For example:

Check out Mama Nake-id. As they would say back in the day, "Hubba, hubba!"

The dress, incidently, llike many of the things mentioned, goes up for sale this week. A bittersweet but good thing.

Our lovely neighbor, Marie, was astonished that I didn't want these treasures. "Oh, honey," I said, "I've taken. China, quilts, linens, cookbooks. I'm set to party like it's 1959. Break out the aspic!"

I can resist anything but textiles, which means making friends with my ironing board again. Hello pretties!

As many of you know, the most challenging aspect of this isn't the dust or the work but the sense of time's passage and the impermanence of those things that seemed immutable.

Pass the relish tray, please. I could use an olive.

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