Pathetic garden p*rn

What with all the garden p*rn preening around blogville--all you people with rich soil, green thumbs and the like--I was half tempted to display an example of our healthiest, most dazzling crop--dandelions.

In spite of our track record with tomatoes, vegetables and other fruits, we farmed this year, you know the triumph of hope over experience, and planted stuff.

Don't know why I didn't sow some fiber plants.

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June 3. 2008 03:21


Those are the hottest rocks I've ever seen.  Seriously.  I've paid cash money for rocks. Plants are over-rated.

threadingwater |

June 3. 2008 05:00


Just 9 days ago, we finally planted seeds in the greenhouse. It'd been to cold until then. But, I have tiny sprouts already. I did cheat though and bought large tomato and pepper plants. We've proven I can grow things, but will those things produce vegetables? That's the real question.

Roxanne |

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