Pent up domesticity

There was a flurry of pent-up domestic activity this weekend--apart from laundry. There was soapmaking (a lovely working soap, coffee-peppermint, inspired by Deanna), vegan chocolate stout cake spiked with prunes (from this recipe and this), mushroom mole tacos topped with cilantro-lime slaw, a new divided shelf in the cabinets to deal with the too-many spices problem (thanks to Mr. Nake-id, we'll no longer have this conversation, "Honey, where's the star anise?") and yarn, plied yarn (thanks to the spinning group at Cheryl's!).

Sigh. If only my institutions were celebrating Dr. King's holiday.

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January 16. 2012 18:24


Making soap was SO fun! I can't wait to see how it turns out. ANYtime you want to do it again, I'm at your service. =)

Deanna |

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