People, I have needs!

1. Knitting/crocheting skateboarders or snowboarders. Need cool dudes and betties who are like totally into making and wearing cool knits while doing their thang. This is for a story I’m working on. Got any prospects? Please? Anybody?

2. Gnomes. OK, where in the good ol’ US of A can we score Alan Dart Holiday Gnome patterns. Local knitters want to know.

3. World’s Most Simple Lace Pattern: My beginning knitting class wants to knit lace. Gah!

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November 3. 2006 05:44


I just ordered the magazine yesterday! Here's the link:
In US dollars, it's $10.51 the address is in the link! Enjoy!">

Dontcha just love a great gnome?

Carol |

November 3. 2006 07:15


Please forgive, THIS is the actual link to the gnome pattern source. ugh  Is it Friday yet?">

Carol |

November 4. 2006 10:33


The Baby Fern pattern from the Readers digest book on needlecraft is the easiest lace pattern I have come across.  I think it's an 8 row repeat, with every second being a rest row.

Lara |

November 4. 2006 16:38



And of course - Feather and Fan.  The simlest lace pattern every, and very lace looking for newbs.  

Lara |

November 5. 2006 13:53


The easiest lace stitches are the variations of faggoting. Barbara Walker talks about them in Treasury 1, pages 184-185. I wouldn't start beginners on them, probably, because the patterning is worked on both odd and even rows.

You could do something like (even number of sts):
1: k1, *yo, k2tog,* repeat across, end k1.
2: p
3: k2, *yo, k2tog,* repeat across
4: p
Repeat 1-4.
You can k rows 2 and 4 for a garter-stitch ground.

A nice, easy lace that ramps it up one level is Treasury 1's Vertical Lace Trellis (p. 191). It does require both right and left-leaning decreases, but it's otherwish pretty similar to what I've described above.

Deborah Robson |

June 29. 2007 13:57


think I'd be grossed out if one of my dingle-ball trims got splashed with toilet water, tho.

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