I don't often write about my yarny gigs, because...being somewhat old school, one doesn't write about clients in public forums.

But this deserves mention.

The treasure pictured above arrived on my doorstep last week--one of the goodie bags Yarn Market News Smart Business Conference attendees receive when checking into the conference. Living in our nation's outback, I've never had the pleasure of attending but have heard tell of the legendary goodie bag.

Yes, there was squealing.

This bundle of excitement is notable in several ways, not the least of which is the sheer amount of stuff--too much even to fit in the capacious (and vegan!) Boardwalk Bag from Namaste. It's a testament to the generosity of the yarn industry and the incredible creativity of the people in this business who continually innovate, developing new products, patterns and accesories that, in turn, inspire the needle-wielding public.

I'm one lucky YMN contributing editor!

A big hug and kiss to Erin and YMN and all the conference sponsors. My passion had been flagging of late; this was just the tonic to get my patoot into knitting gear!

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