Photo essay: Mouse death




Mouse received from Independent Stitches. Pattern courtesy of Kitty Knits. Cat-to-mouse disembowelment time: 10 minutes.

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April 10. 2008 22:02


As you know, I *love* the photos. Our Ariel (border collie-ish) was a tester for Nylabone for a while. They quit using her because her destruction time for their toughest (and they are tough) chew-toys was counted in *seconds.* She's a very gentle dog (I hope your A. also has redeeming qualities?), but she LIKES TO CHEW.

Anyway, I have no idea whether the mouse would have lasted longer if I'd had time to re-felt. A. did get one of the most-felted mice I had. On purpose.

He seems to have really liked it, though. Pass it back to me some time and I'll darn it and we'll do another time test.

Deborah Robson |

April 13. 2008 01:04


In our four-cat household, we refer to that mouse as being "loved too hard."  That was some serious mouse lovin' going on.  Smile

Laiane |

April 13. 2008 23:53

martie kind of guy!  My three will sit around staring at the occasional real mouse that (sadly) finds its way indoors...with great interest, no less...but I'm the official mouser in the house...they won't touch them so I end up catching the little tykes and taking them on a relocation trip.  Too many years of them watching animal programs on TV I guess...they must not take these things seriously.

martie |

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