Pity me, I was in Napa

It was pretty darned rough, let me tell you. Two days and one glorious night at the very swanky Meritage Resort and Spa. Where we spa'ed, sipped and supped.

It started with an email from Mr. Nake-id's sister, who asked whether I might be willing to join the other ladies of the immediate family for a spa weekend in Napa. You can imagine how long it took to reply.

After checking in we stopped at Artesa Winery, where we tried a Sauv Blanc that none of us can stop talking about.

Back at the hotel, we settled into bathrobes and trundled down to Spa Terra for our services: An oxygen facial for me and my MIL, massages for the rest (priced at almost twice local prices, I might add). It was lovely while it lasted, all of 25 minutes. Really lovely. And, to be fair, we were also able to soak in the jacuzzi, steam and sip lemon water all the live-long day.

It was completely rejuvenating.

We had a delicious not-so-vegan meal: Choices ranged from roast chicken and trout to shrimp risotto and wild mushroom canneloni. And, yes, there was wine, the house Cuvee. (My rule for selecting wine, if the description reads, "chocolate notes," I'm there.)

The next day brought more food and a tromp around Napa. We breakfasted at the delightful Alexis Baking Company, where mother and daughter were feeling no pain.

And then on to Michael Mondavi's place (those people can't stop making wine) for more imbibing. (Rebecca and I fell hard for the Isabel Mondavi deep Rose), while the others came away with bottles of a petite syrah, if memory serves.)

We spent time with the guys, too. And got to see cousin Stephanie's baby bump. The crochet hooks and knitting needles will be flying, never fear.

Anyway, it's back to our lives of twigs, berries, cats and staring at plastic screens.

It was a weekend to treasure.

Ladies, same time next year, whaddya say?

(Photos by the birthday girl, Ms. Kathleen.)


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