Plumbing our wallets

Big excitement here yesterday. The plumber was here taking away our abilities to wash and flush and making vast amounts of noise, which was more disturbing to the quadrapeds than to us. Both cats escaped out the back door while Mr. Goodwrench came in and out. Not his fault, they're wiley when on a mission.

We found Antone, our bully, cowering on the front porch; Stanley no doubt ambled down the street to see if he could find his girlfriend, Sugar. He turned up in the alley an hour later, ready for a snack and nap.

As you can see the powder room progresses. Those  few pipes? Let's just  say, Mr. Goodwrench drives a big, new shiney truck.

Tomorrow the electrician comes. Friday the carpenter. Then we prime and paint. The time to pick a color approaches. Since tangerine has been waved off, I'm thinking celery or light violet.

Your thoughts?



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April 8. 2010 21:29


Ooh I like the idea of light violet!

Caitlin |

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