Plurk and Twitter and Jaiku, oh my

Makes me want to go screaming back to my Smith Corona.

I spoke with Kim Werker, yesterday, regarding a story I'm researching on social media. She has a wonderful intrinsic and intellectual grasp of the landscape. And it's fascinating. Someday, like tomorrow, folks will be getting PhDs in this stuff. Like how culture and discourse and information are being completely changed. Again. Like every 10 or 15 years the way we connect and communicate radically transforms. 

Over the holidays, I played with Anne's new Blackberry. Yes, she has the one with the new touchscreen. The darn thing does everything but go to the ladie's room for you. GPS. Phone. Camera. Video. Music. Contacts. Web. Email. Bet it makes great Julienne fries, too. Me? Jealous?

I still use a Rolodex.

You know that scene from Stella Dallas, where Barbara Stanwyck is standing in the rain, her face pressed against the window, watching her daughter's wedding? That's kind of how I feel about Web 2.0. Like my face is pressed against the glass, my brow furrowed, trying to figure it out.

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January 8. 2009 15:18


num, num, num ... eating fries here.  Thank you, little Blackberry.  Now, can you go warm up my tea?

I'm thinking it should have a name.  Ah, there's my blog post for today.

threadingwater |

January 9. 2009 18:06


When your typing your next blog post on your Mac PowerBook just remember that all this technology is just tools.  Tools that help us do work, do, play, do communication.

A Rolodex is a fine tool...use it!  Embrace any new technology only if you think it can help you do the work, play, or communication that makes up your day.  

I have taught adults workplace technology for over 20 years.  My one mantra is to not get too crazy over all the latest, greatest, fastest whatever.  Just pick and choose what fits you, your personality, and your spirit.

John |

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