Poly, multi, many

There's been a lot of discussion on the blogs about being poly- or multi-craftual. Many of us are knitter-spinner-crocheters or felter-dyer-weavers or crocheter-knitters or tatter-hooker-sewers or some combination thereof.

But I think this idea transends craft and extends to the whole realm of creativity. People tend to be multi-creative. Time being limited, people with varied talents and interests must eventually select certain activities to achieve mastery. This is the challenge. If you can sing, dance and play the harmonium, to which discipline do you commit? Which artform gets your soul? Which gets a weekend dalliance?

I'm not arguing for complete monogamy here. I've fooled around plenty with beads, roving and essential oils (though not simultaneously). A sideshow can make one appreciate the shenanigans in the main tent even more.

While the main subject of our blogs is needlecrafting, we engage creatively in so many things--parenting, writing, performing, painting, sculpting, researching, cooking, designing, building, and so much more. We are so much more than our needles and hooks and spindles. But then what would we be without them?

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