At this juncture it’s hard to believe that

Noniunfelted           +

Washingmachine          (minus the pink panties)      =


From Noni Patterns Fall 2005 Collection


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May 1. 2007 00:43


I bet the panties add a certain je ne sais quoi to the felting process.  Especially since they're pink.

Dr. Steph |

May 1. 2007 02:24


Hmmm...well, once the bag is felted, you'll have something so cute to carry the panties around in.  ;)

I totally want one of those bags!  But I've spent so much $$$ on yarn that past week that I can't!  I just can't!!!  I'm looking forward to the post felting pictures.

Christie |

May 1. 2007 06:05


The pink panties would make an interesting flower.  I saw someone's version of that bag in person and I have to say I was incredibly impressed.  We teased her that she was knitting a trash bag the whole time and it sure shut us up when she presented the final product.

jenifleur |

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