Prom dress unearthed

Yesterday when I was cleaning out a closet in my parents' basement, I found my prom dresses. I didn't have my camera with me but promise I'll photograph them soon.

The dresses were notable in two ways:

In contrast to today's prom dresses, which seem sexier and more knowing, these were both so sweet and innocent. One was a white eyelet with pink-and-blue ribbon spaghetti straps, the other an ivory Gunne Sax with a short lace-up bodice and lace and satin embellishments. (Credit to my neice who wore a ballet-length emerald Jessica McClintock--Gunne Sax designer of yore--to her prom and looked darling.)

There was nothing sophisticated or particularly tasteful about these gowns. It was like McClintock thought we should all be out on the prairie churning butter or knitting. Or something. But they were feminine and age-appropriate; easy for mothers to buy.

The other notable factor: Let's just say I've put on a pound or two since high school.


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April 1. 2010 17:49


Not only do styles change; sizes have completely morphed. I pulled out a kilt from high school and looked at the tag. Size 10? Cool! I can wear this now! Then I tried it on. Um, no. More like a size 6.

Kitt |

April 2. 2010 00:29


Jessica McClintock also makes (or at least used to in 1999) lovely wedding dresses for extremely reasonable prices.  I think we paid $600 for my daughter's wedding dress from the Jessica McClintock store at Woodfield Mall - considerably less than half the average price for a wedding dress (which was about $2000 then).

mwknitter |

April 2. 2010 06:31


I had a Gunne Sax dress when I was in high school. I still love that style. I guess I'm just an aging hippie, stuck in the past. Smile

Wendy |

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