Put a fedora on it or in praise of hipsters

Just got through writng a story about Denver's creative class, and no, that's not an oxymoron. Young and not-so-young people here and all over the country are rethinking the way we work, dine and even wrap our produce. They're opening vegan groceries, nano breweries and, um, unique gallery spaces. They're opening bookstores that do more than sell books. They're making hats, yarn and soap. They're co-working and collaborating and cooking and contriving to make this one really cool place to live.

Whether it's the devastation wrought by the economic collapse of 2008, a lack of interest on the part of Millennials to work for the man or a realization that if we don't raise a few vegetables, dye some yarn or upcycle clothing, our way of life is going to become so unmoored from earthy, tactile things as to be unreal.

It's easy to poke fun at the handlebar mustaches or the writers lugging their typewriters to coffee shops (puh-lease, what editor is going to take paper copy? Sorry, but really.) But I tip my fedora to y'all, who are making your livings in ways that make this city that much cooler.

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