Put on your party hat!

Marsan Watchcap by Staceyjoy Elkin in Aslan Trends Guanaco

The photo doesn't do the hat justice. While the weather here has shaped up beautifully, the light still has that cold steel cast. Not great for lameo shutterbugs such as myself.

Marsan is a twisted-rib watchcap with clever gymnastics so the brim matches the "body" of the hat. There's a second one on the needles in Lamb's Pride Worsted in black. Very fierce.

May the coming year bring us all warm heads, hearts and hands to employ at home and for the greater good.

Happy, happy!

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December 31. 2008 18:03


Is Antone covering his face:
a) because he doesn't like the hat?
b) because you're wearing it on your foot?
c) because he is fed up with world affairs?

Roxanne |

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