Putting pedals to politics

I was going to put my foot to the "pedal" of my spinning wheel, when I realized the Scotch tension had gone missing. Rolling around in the lower intestine of an orange cat, perhaps? And, the spring, well, tiggers bounce.

Moving right along, I was delighted to discover Claudia's BAT/KAT (Bicycling As Transportation/Knitters Alternatively Transporting) Project, wherein she'll be logging the number of trips knitters take without their cars. Just let her know you'll be participating and on Mondays send her the number of trips you take in a week via alternate transpo.

Like Claudia, I live in an area where I can easily pedal to the library, post office, grocery stores, farmer's market, coffee shops and LYS. Today, I might be looking at 1.5 trips. One by bike to see Cheryl Oberle's trunk show at Posh; the other to park the car on the west side of I-25 and then cross the bridge to meet Mitch downtown for a meeting. That's the half.

Be sure to check out Claudia's bike. I'm deeply covetous.

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May 26. 2008 19:48

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