Radio silence

Observing a day of blog silence in honor of my really crappy attitude. Arggggh!

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July 7. 2006 01:25


Aw, c'mon.  We can take whatever crappy attitude blog entry you can dish out.

Not like the rest of us haven't been there a time or two.

Find something to FROG.  That always cheers me up. That, or a <A HREF=">;">>;

threadingwater |

July 7. 2006 06:34


I agree with threadingwater - we can take whatever attitude you want to vent about...and be there for you with support and constructive criticism.  So, go ahead and give your latest attitude...really!

John |

July 8. 2006 23:58


Hi Leslie! Check out my blog, there´s an invitation! ;)

Vik |

June 29. 2007 17:21


mostly, I came in for the heavy lifting

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