Ranch wife

Friday evening we arrived at the Ranch and were greeted by this miracle of nature: Mouse turds.

Everywhere. On the counters. In bed. Hidden in cabinets. Even the kitchen sink. It was as if Mickey was suffering an extreme case of Irritable Bowel Syndrome and decided to make our home his maison du respose.

When Mitch started collecting the evidence with his bare hands, I damn near fainted.

"Why are you so offended?"

"Because Mickey crapped on my sofa cushions!"

This is where my "city mouse" comes in to direct conflict with my "country mouse." I am used to the comforts and cats of the metropolis, so it is with great trepidation that I address the dead flies and mouse droppings that accompany country life.

I begin vacuumming like a woman possessed.

"I've got some traps we can put out," Mitch offered.

I looked at him horrified. "But I don't want to hurt them!"

You can take the girl out of the city...

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November 9. 2009 11:29


LOL.  Take it from a conflicted city/rural girl who has lived both lifestyles and dealt with mice in both locations:  You must find the point/s of entry.  

Get yourself some steel wool and/or mix up a batch of quick crete and start going over every square inch of your foundation.  You will need to patch or fill every crack, openings around pipes or faucets, every tiny hole you find. Also, look UP!  Mice climb.

After that, set traps to capture any remaining culprits that accidentally got trapped inside the house while you were sealing up their outside points of entry.

My favorite traps are covered in plastic so you don't see anything other than the tail sticking out one end.  To release the mousey corpse, you simply push a little lever and it drops out.  Close your eyes if you have to.

threadingwater |

November 9. 2009 22:48

Deborah Robson

If they would only clean up after themselves, I would have far less problem sharing space with mice.

Deborah Robson |

November 10. 2009 12:24


Mickey needs potty training...

Christie |

November 11. 2009 10:46


Hi Leslie - been there, done that!  Once we got rid of said critter, we ended up using spray calk everywhere. No new critters after that.

ann |

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