Rancho preview

As some of you know, we have an extra house or two. It’s a long story and it doesn’t mean we’re rich, far from it, especially when one of those extra houses should just sell already, goddammit.

The good news is, we found a short-term tenant for the cash-sucking house, a phenomenon prompting a cascading series of events that involved the wholesale cleaning of one house to prepare for the moving of stuff from the other house, which resulted in the cleaning of that house. This weekend.

I just kept telling myself, “Think of all the calories you’re burning!”

Thank God for good friends with trucks.

All in all, we feel very fortunate, blessed and acutely aware of our aging bodies. Here’s a little preview of the new house, not-quite-ready for prime time:


You could eat off them floors!


Think I should tell Mitch to move the couch? Again?


My date Saturday night after spending the day sucking water from the crawl space.


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