Rancho update

Of course I never take enough pictures mostly because I don’t think about it until the battery is sputtering and we’re rushing out the door.

 (For a quick recap, Mitch and I have been renovating a funky ranch house on the Wet Mountain Valley floor in south central Colorado. We’ve basically done a light remodel, paint, wallpaper abatement, updated some systems—new water heater and pressure tank and potty—and cleaned the place from stem to stern. Doesn’t sound like a lot, but sure feels like a lot.)

Here is kind of a lame before and after. There will be more. Promise.

Kitchen         Livingroomalmostdone

(Let me know if you can’t tell the before from the after!)

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May 21. 2007 03:52


Hello Extreme Home Makeover!

Christie |

May 21. 2007 07:31


Finally looked at the Mitch photos (aka swamp rat). Poor guy! Good work on the house.

Hey, I almost bought you a bunch of vintage pattern booklets at a garage sale a couple weeks ago, but I was bummed to realize they were crochet and not knit.

Roxanne |

May 21. 2007 09:47


good work!  Ladders are the new design trend...   ;)

John |

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