Re: Blogging

This week I had the opportunity to speak about blogging to a group of writers. Here are some things I didn’t say:


  1. It’s best not to swear. Too much. You never know when your spiritual advisor might be trolling.
  2. Get out there. Make comments. Do the rounds. I need to take my own advice on this one, often being so far down the rat hole of deadlines to enjoy the fabulousness that is the knit-blogosphere. Y’all are so talented and such good writers. It’s really kind of depressing.
  3. Never, ever bad-mouth a boss or client. Unless you know they are completely blog-illiterate. And even then, better to complain to your friends over the phone.
  4. Learned that bloggers are sometimes called “escribitionists.” Loved it. Made me want to get “nake-id.”
  5. When I mentioned that there’s a Web Ring for bloggers who write about knitting and cats, people looked at me like I was crazy. Doesn’t everyone write about knitting and cats? I tell you, some people don’t know how to have fun.
  6. The Pew Charitable Trust has done an exhaustive study about blogging. Did you know most bloggers are under 30? Grandma Nake-id here, talking about fashionable knits.
  7. Some folks think blogging is a waste of time. Imagine that?

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September 29. 2006 01:28


Um, yeah... #2. Right-o.

And I love "escribitionists", too. I would tell my family, but any misunderstanding could lead to issues that I don't want/need to deal with just yet. (ha)

Nanc |

September 29. 2006 01:54


I can't blog about knitting and cats.  I'm allergic.  
I guess Poppy is the closest thing I can get to having a cat.

Christie |

September 29. 2006 05:46


I thought having a cat was a prerequisite to getting the knitting needles.

Yes, I did buy the gnome-y fabric.  My master plan is to make myself a pair of pajama pants.  This will be my first escapade in home sewn clothing for myself.

I also bought goldfishies!

Jennifer |

September 29. 2006 07:07


interesting comments; escribitionists is a very cool word.  And don't be depressed - not only can you hold a candle to these other bloggers, your writing outshines a lot of them.  really.

John |

September 30. 2006 01:49


Leslie: I'm taking your advice on No. 2 on the list. I learned a lot from your presentation at the CAL. And your blog is a lot of fun for us knitting no-nothings out here. Escribitionists? I like it. May I use the term indiscriminately across the blogosphere?

Mike Shay |

December 15. 2006 23:17



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