Reading Lolita in Anchorage

Like you, we've been receiving a slew of emails about the real and supposed horrors perpetrated on Alaska by Sarah Palin. Being the good party warrior, I've wanted to believe them all, but hesitated forwarding the emails because my not-so-keen BS alarm sounded.

I did, however, disseminate a list of books Palin allegedly wanted removed from the Wassila library. Though Palin did ask the Wassila librarian about a process for banning books and eventually threatened to fire the librarian for lack of support independent of this incident, the list is false and I regret sending it.

As a believer in the spirit and letter of the First Amendment, I am alarmed Palin even asked. But she and I share at least one thing in common besides a love of lipstick, neither of us knows what vice presidents do. In the worse-case scenario of a McCain presidency, I hope he will take his vitamins and a page from Bush 41 and busy his veep at ribbon cuttings and other important missions so she won't worry about the contents of the Library of Congress, squashing civil liberties or nosing around the data on my hard drive.

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September 10. 2008 09:56


If McCain wins, I may have to leave the country.  Unless you'll loan me your mother and her lovely bags and knitting etc......

Susan |

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