Recycled sweaters

Koi Suwannagate is the desiger who launched a thousand rosettes. Deconstructing thrift-store cashmere into intricately embellished sweaters, Suwannagate inspired mass market designers to tart up tee shirts, cardigans, and blouses with three-dimensional doo-dads. (I spied a few of her pieces in a San Francisco boutique and have been mad for her work ever since.)

Today Goodwill mash-up sweaters are everywhere and available for many price points. I noticed one on a woman at the grocery and accosted her immediately (look for the vendor Katwise on Etsy). You'll see a similar sweater below (this one by Etsy designer VintageDesignsbyVines). Turns out these elvish coats are ubiquitous on Etsy and almost impossible to get. They go up for sale and are snapped up in minutes by hungry mugworts and their ilk. These jackets are a little too Ren-Fest for me, but they nonetheless represent the work of clever, ecologically aware artistsans who know what to do with a surger when they see one.


 Love, love, love the skirt (from Darryblack on Etsy).,

And this tunic by Etsy artist Brendaabdullah. 

And this from RebeccasArtCloset, also Etsy. 

And from Etsy's thepainteddaisy:


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