Resolutions, sorta

It does seem like a good time to start things, doesn't it? But in spite of the hiatus from responsibilities wrought by the snow, the autofocus on 2007 has yet to kick in. (One hates to resolve to “finish the novel“ again. And again.) So we'll try a few small things:

1. Cut down on sugar. OK, so there's no sugar in my coffee this morning, and know what? It tastes like crap. Who knew coffee sucked rocks without sugar?

2. Make soap. While many of us write-knit-asana, few of us seem to make soap--even the goatherds among us. (Whaddya doing with all the goat's milk? Or shouldn't we ask?) Anyway, a personal problem (armpit itching) is once again making the use of commercial soap untenable, so it's back to the cauldron for me.

Like knitting, “soaping” can be a deliciously addicting pasttime--I was seriously addled for some years, hooked on the creamy lather and heady essential-oil blends. Regrettably, it also involves a rather gooey, sudsy cleanup, which tends to be off-putting when there's knitting to be done.

I'm a cold-process soaper, which involves mixing water, lye, olive and other oils, and then hoping for soap. It's a bit of a do, especially when it comes to sourcing the lye; in Colorado they assume nefarious activity involving the decomposition of bodies, so there are forms to sign and IDs to flash. But y'all have seen recent pictures of Mitch, so rest assured, the sodium hydroxide is used exclusively for the making of soap. Nake-id Soap is highly superfatted soap, which means I take a lye discount of about 8 to 10 percent. This means there are all these oily molecules still floating around in the soap. It doesn't last as long and the oil can go rancid if the soap isn't used quickly, but boy is it yummy.

If you've never made soap, I recommend Susan Miller Cavitch's The Soapmaker's Companion (you don't need to be the stickler for temperatures that Cavitch is, FYI) and Kathy Miller's web site. I've also used this online lye calculator with great success. And make friends with a stick blender you don't mind sticking into a vat of raw soap.

All this is a rather windy way of saying, I gotta make some soap. (Any other knitter-soapers out there? Just noticed Mississippi Moon on JenLa's blog roundup. Anyone else?)

3. Do more yoga. Perennial.

4. Buy some really expensive olive oil. Like we all need more decadence.

5. Find a volunteer gig. My mentor student's grown. I've resigned from the jazz board. Gotta find something new to do.

6. Design sweaters that are taking up space in my head.

That should do it for now. A hearty thank you to Jen/La for giving Nake-id Knits the Brain Candy Award in their Third Annual Knit Blog Awards. We try to keep things hopping over here. Mwah!

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January 2. 2007 08:18


I gotta agree with Jen/La...this blog is great brain candy!  Intelligent, thought-provoking, fun.  whats not to love?

Your resolutions list is nice, and not over-reaching.  Very attainable.  Especially the olive oil!  I'm with you on the yoga...and the volunteer gig.  hmmmm....

John |

January 2. 2007 13:27


Have you tried Splenda?  It's pretty good, although it could make your house a bit more musical (only in large doses, like 6 cookies consumed in a 30 minute period).

Cathi |

January 3. 2007 04:41


I don't have any milk yet, my girls have never been bred.  However, they will be in 2007 which means milk in 2008.  Some goes for chevre, and the rest for soap and lotion!

I don't like sugar too awfully much, but if I had to give up dairy (especially cheese) I'd be one cranky woman.  No milk=no coffee.  No coffee=no get out of bed.  Oh and yes, I agree, Splenda is pretty good.

jenifleur |

June 29. 2007 13:11



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