Retro Baby! Vintage baby knitting patterns

(Don't get excited Mom, consider my age.)

There's a new bambino rolling around in a crib that's owed some knits. Having survived the tsunami of births among my peers 10 years ago, for which cardigans, dresses, onesies, hats and overalls spooled endlessly off my needles, I've become a lazy baby knitter. Almost to the point, I'm tempted to outsource.

Last night when Nake-id IT mentioned a need for a baby gift, I sighed and pulled down the collection (see above), rescued from Mom after the bloom wore off the first grandbaby butt.

Knitters of a certain age will remember these brands. Back when the grandbabies (the Nake-id Nephews) were tiny, these were the must-knits. Mom had a knitting machine at the time, and we pored over each of these books, picking out the cutest designs. (Clint, dear, you were adorable in the outfit with the elephants. If I could find a picture, I'd share it with all your friends on Facebook.)

It appears that Pingouin is no longer in business (some vintage books can be found on Etsy and Ebay), but Phildar persists.

This was the pattern I was searching for, perfect for the new little buckaroo. It's from Baby Knits: 32 Original Designs for 0-3 year olds by the inimitable Debbie Bliss (who fiendishly gauged this thing at 7 sts to the inch!).

The great thing about baby knits, they're *sigh* always in style.

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