Rio de la Plata por portamonedas

Yesterday I just happened to be in the vicinity of our new neighborhood yarn shop. Just by accident. Pure serendipity. Nothing pre-meditated about my peregrinations. NOTHING AT ALL. A completely unconscious twist of kismet landed me at Posh’s doorstep.

So as not to tempt fate, I stumbled in. Sylvia’s amassed a tempting selection of yarn—lots of GGH, Noro and other sumptuous goodies. Newly opened, she’s awaiting orders from Alchemy, Blue Sky, and Rebecca Magazine. A very tasteful, lux selection of fiber, I must say.

This came home with me. Again, just followed me home. Hopped into my bag and wouldn’t hear of me leaving without it.


Rio de la Plata in Begonia Pink

I think the world needs another Nipple Bag, don’t you?

Check out the new LYS: Posh Yarn Boutique, 4420 Tennyson St., conveniently located next door to Tenn Street Coffee.

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June 28. 2006 00:38


Would you stop posting about yarn stores?!  Hmm, Posh will carry Alchemy, sounds yummy.  And that's in my bf's job neck of the woods, might have to go have lunch with him one day.

Wanda |

June 28. 2006 00:45


I had no idea there was a new LYS there!  I'll have to make sure I'm conveniently in the neighborhood some day soon ...

Jenifer |

June 29. 2007 17:23


All I can say is, God bless those wild and wacky Transcendentalists

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