Rip-off cardie progress report

After dithering with my conscience for a bit, the evil-smelling devil on my right shoulder gored my superego with his pitchfork and work began on the Kim Hargreaves Rip Off Cardie. The Nake-id knock off departs from the original in several ways. I’m doing a modified-lantern sleeve instead of a tapered one, plus I’m using Araucania’s kettle-dyed Nature Wool, which lends subtle color variation instead of texture. I'm also planning arm warmers in a contrasting yarn to wear with the wide 3/4 sleeves. In spite of its foul origins, it’s looking quite lovely.

The back is done. And you can see, the devil is still hard at work.


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October 17. 2006 08:54


Does this little "devil" give all your projects this threatening look? Mine just get "goofy" with knits.

Carol |

October 17. 2006 11:39


I love that look!  It says: "You gonna mess with this knitting, hunh? Hunh?"  or, "You wanted to say what about her knocking off somebody else's design?  What?  Come on. Bring it on."  Check out the eyeballs on my blog. =)

Lauren |

December 15. 2006 23:08



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June 29. 2007 14:21


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