Road trip

Yesterday, I went AWOL with Mom, Constance and Kay. Constance and Mom have fleeces and after feeding a few fibers into a drum carder, decided carding is best left to the professionals. A trip to the mill was definitely in order.

We set off for Loveland and DVA Fiber Processing in high spirits and had a grand time chatting with Deb and Cheri at the mill. The mill is located in a small warehouse just outside Loveland’s main drag and is filled with so much luscious alpaca fleece, one just wants to bed down.

After all this excitement, we needed refreshment—a theme that would repeat throughout the day. Constance said, “I know a place where there’s good German food!” Having spent a short amount of time in Germany and experienced the ruin Teutonic cooking made of my lower GI, I hesitated to mention that “good German food” was oxymoronic, so I said nothing. Good thing, too. Schmidt’s Bakery and Delicatessen is a find with brightly-lit cases of cookies, strudels, brownies and rolls greeting diners upon entry. We ate some protein—a brat for me—and other stuff.

After lunch there was nothing for it but to shop. Woolen Treasures is another reason to visit Loveland. What a fine little shop. Phenomenal collection of books and mags. Great yarns, including Alpaca with a Twist, Lorna’s Laces, and sale yarn—50 percent off. I helped Constance stick to her budget by snatching these out of her hands…


Fiesta, La Boheme in Madrid

We felt a bit peckish after yarn shopping and settled for iced teas and mochas at Anthology, the local book store. After coffee we still needed a “little something” and took the long way home via the Longmont Dairy—for homemade ice cream—and one final yarn stop—Posh, in my neighborhood, where I scored the new Rebecca.

Such a day we had. Now, ladies, what kind of wrap do I make with all that Fiesta?

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June 29. 2007 17:12


Such a day we had. Now, ladies, what kind of wrap do I make with all that Fiesta?

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