Rules of the road

These next two months are filled with glamorous business travel, so I am inspired to share my Nake-id Rules of the Road:

1. Eat whenever the opportunity presents. This means dining on Fruit Loops if that's the only choice left at the hotel breakfast bar.

2. Pee whenever the opportunity presents. This is self explanatory.

3. Retire early. This means steering clear of “Taxi Cab Confessions” on cable.

4. The answer to the query, “Would you like a free upgrade“? is always, “Yes.“

5. Learn the difference between EST, MST and CST.

6. Don't confuse the flight number with your time of take off. Ask me how I know.

7. Pack light. Your clients will not appreciate your Frye boots or the afghan you're knitting.

8. Never underestimate your ability to screw up the alarm on the hotel clock.

9. Make polyester your friend. You'll sweat a bit, but it's better than ironing at 5:30 in the morning.

10. Remember to pack underwear. Ask me how I know.

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September 16. 2007 23:57


LOve them. Especially #6. I once spent 12 hours at O-Hare because of this kind of mess-up. By the time I got to Denver I was tired, hungry and drunk. And I'd had a haircut.  Enjoy your trip(s)!

Susan |

September 17. 2007 00:40


Your clients <i>might</i> appreciate it if you pack so light as to leave out the underwear.

Fortunately there's usually a Target or other source  within reach, and the expedient of hotel sink, soap and hairdryer in the meantime.

Also, always take earplugs.

Kitt |

September 17. 2007 05:15


But don't wear the polyester on the plane.  Only wear natural fibers.

Christie |

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