Runaway curry

Last night was one of those nights where the cooking got away from me. You start out thinking, this will be no big deal, and before you know it you are in the middle of a very big deal. There were pots and sautees and morter and pestles, cast iron skillets, plates, bowls, utensils, the full disaster. 

The meal? Worth it.

Starting with this "Quick and Easy" Green Tomato Chutney, it was, as advertised, quick and easy and made short work of at least some of the green tomatoes we have languishing in our basement. If you make this, you'll find it's not a particularly intense chutney, but adds subtle tang and sweetness to whatever you're serving.

While the chutney thickened, I did the chopping for the Chickpeas in Star Anise and Date Masala. (We cooked the garbanzos the day before.) Mitch took over then to make flat breads from dough put up earlier in the day (slightly crunchy on the outside with a tender, springy interior, they make the ideal delivery system for just about anything). While I finished the chickpeas and worked on the Grilled Coconut Kale (we seared the marinating kale in a cast-iron skillet), Mitch processed the dishes.

Finally we feasted. The chickpeas starred, tasting like exotic baked beans, all hearty and smokey. The coconut kale, which came out rather soupey (who could resist slathering more coconut milk on those withering greens?), added a comforting creaminess to the plate. (If you have kale haters around your table, they'll slurp their greens down if you bathe them in coconut milk. Heck, I might slurp anything down if it was bathed in coconut milk.)

Sop up the sauces with homemade flatbreads...then hope your eyes don't roll back permanently in their sockets.

Better yet? We've got leftovers.


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