Not pleased with the look of my left-leaning decreases, I posed this question last night at Stitch Therapy:

Do you slip as if to knit or slip as if to purl?

Marin said she slips as if to knit.

Given that I admire Marin's knitting, this was not what I wanted to hear; I had just completed an item for a New York photo shoot lousy with twisted SSKs.

This morning I consulted and indeed when executing an SSK, you slip as if to knit.

Amazing how one can go years living in the dark.

I'll just tell Karin, it's a design feature.Embarassed

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August 7. 2009 17:32


I went a year without knowing that my purl stitches were backwards ;)  which explained why my yo's never produced those pretty eyelets.

Lovely |

August 7. 2009 19:01


For some reason, when I do socks, I do my ssk with slip 1 as if to knit, slip the second as if to purl. They just seem to look better to me.

Lorette |

August 8. 2009 13:00


I think SSK is vague enough that either is correct.  I have a basic sock pattern that specifies to slip both stitches as if to knit & the Wonderful Wallaby pattern specifies to slip the first as if to knit & the second as if to purl.  I tried doing it that way & really did not like the look at all - it did not lie flat as it does when you slip both stitches as if to knit which is how I do it unless specified otherwise & I can see a reason for slipping the second one as if to purl.  I can't think of any possible reason but if I should ever encounter such a situation, I'll slip the 2nd stitch as if to purl. Otherwise I'll continue to slip as if to knit both stitches.

mwknitter |

August 8. 2009 15:02

play games

What version of blogengine u running?

play games |

August 12. 2009 16:48


Good heavens, I was... right?!

I'd like to thank Leslie and the Academy...

Marin |

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