Seven deadly sins

We hosted house guests this weekend and in their company I committed several of the capital sins, though in the aftermath, I can’t for the life of me parce the difference between greed and lust.

A good part of the sinning had to do with gluttony; much delicious food and drink was consumed, joyously and with abandon. If you happen to be in Denver make it your business to visit Cafe Brazil. You also won’t be sorry if you ever get a chance to sample my fennel-encrusted pork loin. Just sayin’.

Since Richard and Kathleen are toying with the idea of moving here, we hit several open houses—the occasion of my real downfall. One home in particular inspired a cascade of vice. After touring this home, I literally vibrated with greed, lust, envy, wrath and pride.

Built in the early part of the last century by a Russian cabinet maker, the house had been lovingly restored, obligatory granite counter tops and stainless steel appliances standing at the ready. Wood floors, a light-drenched sun room, butler’s pantry and the most exquisite built-in cabinetry and stained glass crowded the first floor. Upstairs, three tiny bedrooms surrounded a central library rimmed with ornate shelving with glass doors, light filling the space from more stained glass windows. I could just imagine yarn and knitting books spilling from the shelves.

I was out-of-my-mind in love and even made this argument: “The cats would love it. Look at that window seat.”

When Mitch reminded me that we’d both have to take corporate jobs, sit in cubicles and make tons more money to afford it, I cooled my jets. But wow, I’m still in a bit of a lather. All I can think about are floor-to-ceiling book shelves and going to hell in a handbasket.


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October 23. 2007 04:11


I love it that Mitch had to bring you back to reality with the thought of corporate jobs to make you give up your dream house.

Wanda |

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