Shoe stash

My friend and colleague, Stephanie, with whom I often travel for business recently related this story:

Her 13-year-old daughter was hosting a friend for a sleepover and they hit on the idea of counting Stephanie's shoes. Off they went to raid Mom's closet. The tally? 50 pairs.

Of course, I laughed, thinking at the time that my numbers probably hovered in the low- to mid-20s.

This weekend, in a fit of nesting, I cleaned my closet and after culling the pants-that-will-never-fit-again-in-this-lifetime and packing everything up for charity, out of curiosity I counted the shoes.

43 pairs. And those are just the Denver shoes.

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September 24. 2007 02:15


counting shoes?  I don't think I want to know...I know that if I only have 20, I'll need to play catch up!

Christie |

September 25. 2007 23:16


Whew! For a moment I thought you were my 20 year old daughter, with her own shoe stash of 40-odd pairs of shoes stuffed lovingly in her closet.  I had a little fright there for a moment.  I thought she might have finally remembered that she had a knitting project stuffed in there somewhere among the shoes.

Kathleen |

October 5. 2007 13:14

Stephanie of the 50 pair

I feel compelled to explain that I have a lot of boots. They counted EVERY pair--even the cross-country ski boots I haven't worn in eight years. Still, there's a cute new line--Earthbound--that I'm coveting. My pilates instructor wears them...

Stephanie of the 50 pair |

October 17. 2007 01:45


Nake-id Knits |

October 17. 2007 02:09


Nake-id Knits |

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