Shoes: The Universal Language

Meet my latest obsession. Obsession meet all three of my readers.

I spied these on a musician recently, and being a girl, she shared their provenance. The shoe is from a company called Cydwoq (pronounced "Sidewalk") that makes all its footwear by hand, domestically. That she is a successful musician and I'm a journeyman freelancer should have alerted me to the fact that we travel in different shoe-budget worlds. Mine is the world of the TJ Maxx clearance rack; hers the realm of bespoke shoes.

I won't be spending $400 on shoes anytime soon. (Honey, if you're reading this, you can exhale now.) But this exercise did send me down the Google rabbit hole of logic that went something like this: If I can make a sweater, one sorry loop at a time, how hard could shoes be.

Turns out there's a growing community of independent shoemakers and hobbyists who do just that. A search of Etsy revealed all kinds of handmade and hand-adorned footgear, everything from yarn-embellished flip flops to these stunning leather sandals from Turkey and red pumps (red!) from Massachusetts. (I've been eyeing these all summer long. We should support our fellow crafters, right?)

There are also shoemaking classes to has compiled a list here--and books to buy.

Intriguing, no?


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August 5. 2010 21:34


whew!  I am all for quality, but these are a bit much.  I would say from the artistic standpoint - a work of beauty.

Ann |

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