Sh*t Knitters Say

Last night after pressing a skein of yarn to my runny nose, unbidden--my beginning student was nonplussed--I realized someone needs to extend this meme to knitters.

Herewith, Sh*t Knitters Say:

1. Did you make that?

2. Noro Silk Garden, right?

3. I must have a 100 projects on the needles.

4. Mohair? Put it in the freezer and it won't shed.

5. Moths? Put it in the freezer, kills 'em right off.

6. Did you rinse it in vinegar?

7. Can I touch your sweater?

8. Alpaca, right?

9. Cashmere, right?

10. Ummm, merino, right?

11. I love Debbie Bliss! I love Norah Gaughn! I love Teva Durham! I love Nicky Epstein! I love Kaffe Fassett!

12. Can't. I'm on a yarn diet.

13. You knit with acrylic?

14.That's a UFO on DPNs in BFL that I bought at my LYS.

15. I knit so I don't kill people.

OK, so who's going to make the video?

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February 10. 2012 17:44


Wish we saw your post before we made our video. We missed a few.

Dena |

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