Sick of Sarah

Is anyone else getting Palin fatigue? The emails? The articles? The reports about her glasses? The pro stuff. The con stuff. Don't we all know how we feel about her at this point? The only thing that could possibly change my mind would be to discover she knits Cowichan sweaters and supports First Nation qiviut cooperatives. Even then.

By talking about Palin we are fueling the fire. As the great P.T. Barnum said, "Without promotion, something terrible happens. Nothing!" If we push her aside, keep her from our discourse and instead promulgate our feelings about Sen. Obama, won't we then control the narrative? Or am I being a post-swift-boat-era naif?

At any event, she looks more like a scrapbooker, don't you think?

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September 24. 2008 07:52


Ha ha ha!!! scrapbooker. I'm so annoyed by her and all the attention, but I am most annoyed by all of the people who will vote blindly for her based on superficial details.

Heidi |

September 24. 2008 16:10


If we stop talking about her, will she go away?? Smile

And I'm thinking decoupage. She looks more like a decoupager to me.

Lorette |

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