Signs of spring

Those of you in warmer climes are already seeing flowers and tentatively stripping off sweaters on warmer days. Even here in Colorado where snow threatens weekly, the trees are budding and my bulbs are pushing green shoots into the sun. Given our agricultural success rate, this truly is a miracle.

Lots to gawk at in the knit world, too. The big stories—tunics, jackets and deep-V or scoop-neck pullies. Lots of contrast, black and white, navy and white, nautical looks. And for risque summer tops, look to bare backs.

It's always interesting to see how summer is interpreted editorially. Gardening is presented as a dainty, pristine activity performed in pretty cardies. You won't find a single bead of sweat marring the beautiful brows of these models. Apparently women spend a lot of time at the beach, too. In Colorado this involves trips to the noisy neighborhood pool and earplugs so as to block the ballistic sounds of “keep away“ and “Marco Polo.“ Decades-old beach towels are de riguer attire.

And if we aren't at the beach or in the garden, we're looking jaunty in top-siders and navy-blue stripes on the bow of a yacht.

This describes my upcoming summer perfectly. Does it yours?

1. View Phildar’s new collections. Catalogue un e du

2. The Vogue Knitting spring preview is up. Look for cool cabana looks and seet wear-to-work numbers such as this:


3. Rebecca Magazine serves up pages of lacey garden-party knits and you’re-in-the-navy sweaters.

4. Kim Hargreaves beautifully understated Shades of Pale collection debuted. Check out the details in her reversible tunic. She’s just so good.


5. Tahki Stacy Charles offers a dizzying array of spring designs. From the Tahki collection to the S. Charles Collezione patterns and the Filatura Di Crosa pieces. This knocked my socks off, though I would eschew the stripes.


6. There’s a monk thing that seems to be happening:


7. And Rowan, beautifully but predictably, has everyone looking ready for tea in the garden.


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