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That I'm knitting, goes without saying, but there's nothing interesting enough to display. So let's talk about one of my other obsessions.

Having grown up with a not-so-lovely complexion--I didn't eat chocolate for years, imagine that--I became something of a skincare afficionado, having discovered in my 20's that the Holy Grail (hereafter referred to as HG) for clear skin isn't tetracycline, Retin A or benzoyl peroxide, but really expensive products--and a lot of trial and error.

The mistake a lot of people make is too much rubbing, scrubbing, peeling and general abuse, hoping that this will shake loose the top soil in their pores. This just pisses off your face. A gentle cleanser, non-alcohol-based toner and moisturizer (sans mineral oil) will do wonders. Problem is, finding the right one. What works for your best friend may not work for you and vice versa.

Of course then you reach the age where your concerns go from pimples to wrinkles. This is a dark day indeed. If you haven't scrubbed, abraded or sunned too much, you should still look pretty good, but may want to shore things up for the future or smooth the odd crease...or two.

I've been lurking on a skincare forum, a really intense one, where folks don't just go in for topicals, but talk equipment--devices that deliver current, ultrasound, massage or light to the skin. Some of these devices cost a pretty penney--a really, really pretty penney and these girls don't flinch.

I've yet to pose the question: How do your significant others react to the sight of you pointing a ray gun at your face?

The latest buzz, though, is about the benign-sounding Dermaroller, a small appliance that looks like a pizza roller studded with tiny surgical needles. Research suggests that by rolling your face with this device you can increase product penetration and, by causing injury, generate new collagen. The Dermarollers come with different length needles--the longer, the better your chances for facial "remodeling."

Don't get me wrong, I understand the impulse and the research is compelling. But check it's like a drum carder for your face

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June 4. 2008 04:20



Kitt |

June 4. 2008 04:31


That's just creepy.

Roxanne |

June 4. 2008 11:10


Let's just use our carders and PUMMEL our skin with them.

Susan |

June 4. 2008 13:07


Ye Gods, Leslie!  This is WAY beyond pink fairies!  But thanks for the drum carder laugh.  It made my day.  By the way if you want to try the large economy model, The Lamb rents out the drum carder by the week and neeevveerr asks what you plan on doing with it!!

Sue |

June 5. 2008 02:33


It looks deadly, but might be ap-peeling ;) to those who like piercings or tatoos.  It must make your face swell up.  That'll hide the wrinkles!

Luni |

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