I have a skin care addiction—a vestigial remnant of adolescent acne that plagued me until discovering what folks on the skin care forums call the HG (short for Holy Grail).


For me it wasn’t tetracycline—though I sucked that down for years—or Retin A, (back in the day it was like battery acid)—or Cetaphil Lotion or Purpose Soap or Ten-O-Six (which, strangely, Bonne Bell no longer seems to own, but remember that smell?!!) or Clearasil or Benzoyl Peroxide or sun lamps or eschewing chocolate or Buf-Pufs or slathering my face in Brewer’s Yeast paste or any of the thousands of products or cures I deployed in pursuit of clearer skin.


Nope. My HG…really expensive French skin care products. No mineral oil. No isopropyl myristate. No synthetic fragrances. In my 20s, I would’ve given up my car before my moisturizer.


Now, of course, the issues are different. Under-eye circles anyone? Crow’s feet? Jowls (my personal favorite)?


Given the ways of the cosmetics industry and the fact that the cost of a 1.7–ounce jar of cream can rival the cost of a sweater’s worth of yarn (really, really nice yarn), I’ve taken to reading reviews to see if the hope-in-a-jar offers hope, hype or help.




Try Essential Day Spa’s forums. Essential Day Spa sells product, but the ladies on the forums—skin-care addled like myself—are extremely candid.


And Make Up Alley. Lots of reviews. A make up swap, etc.


Almost as fun as Ravelry.


Have fun.



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