Skinny Jeans and pushing 50

Sudini Boots, Prestige

I was reminded of our last foray with skinny jeans by Wendy's post, a time when we had to lie prone, hoping that gravity would collapse our stomachs to the degree necessary to zip our Calvin's. After suffering the cleaving discomfort of those jeans gone by, I can say only this: Lycra is good.

On the urging of 12-year-old sales clerks, I've tried a pair or two on in the last couple of years. The look is akin to a boule on toothpicks.

But after having walked the streets of New York recently and witnessed the street iterations of the look, I'm once again tempted. Especially after having scored the above--new-in-box on Ebay for a mere fraction of retail. Do you think the boots will provide enough visual ballast?

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October 30. 2009 12:10


yummy boots - great ebay score.  As for the skinny jeans?  Speaking for my own self here, I'm more comfortable wearing a regular jean in a slim cut.  The true skinny jeans are just too, too youthful looking IMO.  However, I see nothing inappropriate age-wise in wearing a heavy legging under a shorter skirt with boots - especially a nice low-heeled version like yours.  Sort of the same "skinny jean" effect with more comfort and more coverage over the bottom.

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