I shouldn’t perpetuate the misconception about hemp, but the above completely expressed my feelings about the below:


Hemp for Knitting DK weight in Lilac, Dijon and Pumpkin

I’m rather promiscuous in my fiber tastes. This morning I’m wearing a Lopi sweater, the only thing that keeps the cold at bay in these temps (Denver is supposed to hit a high of 25 today). Lopi is another yarn that gets bad press; rinse it in a little hair conditioner and wear it as outerwear and it’s super comfy! And it knits up like a bat out of hell.

And, hemp, it may grow like a weed, but it’s not weed. Industrial hemp, from what I’ve read, doesn’t have the THC levels of recreational cannabis; there are cultivation techniques that ramp up the psychoactive compounds in the plant to give it its special powers. But the concern among legislators in this country is that hemp fields would hide the more potent varietals—another misconception in that the female plants must be isolated to produce enough THC for a good buzz.

What’s great about hemp is that it grows without pesticides and herbicides, produces tons of oxygen and works up into a tough, linen like fabric. And, get a load of those colors. I have evil plans.

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January 18. 2008 01:38


Looking forward to seeing what you have planned for the hemp. I have a load of this in my stash with no evil plans afoot.

diana |

January 18. 2008 02:08


Lovely colors. But would the rabbit bless a hemp kippah? Good Shabbas.

Diana |

January 18. 2008 02:25


I've been wanting to try hemp...whatcha gonna can tell me, I can keep a secret!

Christie |

January 18. 2008 03:08


Smoke 'em if you've got 'em! Lovely yarn.

Kitt |

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