Sniffing around perfume samples

After reading Coming to My Senses, I've gone a little bats about perfume.

Working from home there's little reason to apply much stink-em, unless there's a big do. But by the time a big do rolls around, the spray on your No. 5 bottle's jammed, your Coco's turned and your autumn favorite's been discontinued. (Hana by Aveda, they had no right.)

So you go around smelling like Burt's underarm deodorant. There are worse things.

Then you remember how lovely it is to smell...lovely. That feeling, eye's rolled to the ceiling, as you smell your wrist, that sense of delight in the middle of a dreary day from a simple sniff. Suddenly you're no longer the goat at work--your hair is combed, you're striding through the Algonquin Hotel and you're wearing gorgeous pumps, black, pointy-toed, dainty of heel but comfortable (it's your perfume fantasy--in a perfect world all shoes are fabulous looking with memory foam insoles) to enjoy a late afternoon cocktail (not that you drink them but you're stuck at work with your wrist in your face, so you might as well enjoy a $15 fantasy beverage) with an editor who's just offered a six-figure advance...

See what the right scent can do?

So you find one that you love. And you think, wouldn't it be nice to have another? Something darker, spicier but just as private?

So you start making orders. A few samples here, a few there. You sample the classics trying to educate your nose, which has a mixed history (Charlie and Love's Baby Soft?) Only about one out of five is a keeper (more on this later) and the ones that are cost hundreds for a small vial.

So there you are in your home office in a dirty t-shirt smelling of vintage Chanel.

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September 20. 2012 08:17

Stephanie Geyer

Oooh, make me one! Something with sandalwood and orange blossom and jasmine...

Stephanie Geyer |

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