Snow and tell

It's official, the first snow of the season is falling and it's gorgeous. A perfect day for soup, knitting and a batch of cupcakes. And, maybe a walk. And a little work. Maybe.

1. There are big doin's up here in the 'hood. Posh, our peripatetic local yarn shop, has moved house, this time to a darling bungalow at 4321 Tennyson St. Wood floors. Cozy rooms. Wonderful light. You could die from such cuteness. Sylvia's hosting a grand opening bash tomorrow from 11 a.m.-4 p.m. with eats, a sale and other temptations.

2. While visiting Posh yesterday, came home with a copy of Custom Knits. Yes, it's filled with Wendy's sexy, clean designs, but even more, it contains wonderful formulas for personal sweater design with special attention paid to that delicate area, the armseye. We love it when special attention is paid to the armseye.

3. I'm completely mobius challenged. After running afowl of the waste yarn cast-on method, I cursed a bit and decided to knit the darn thing flat. Seams add strength, right?

4. That's all for today, off to Oklahoma on Monday. But no worries, I'm packing volumizer.

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