So, I'm getting ready to go to Rome

Not Rome, Georgia. Not Rhome, Texas. But Roma. The Eternal City. Like where the Pope lives (sort of, if you call Vatican City part of Rome). And you can eat gelato and great pasta and think about the Gallic Wars. And The Aeneid and all that Latin homework I blew off my senior year.

Semper ubi. Sub ubi. I always say. Especially in Rome.

Unfortunately this is a whirlwind business trip. Just long enough to eat some local cuisine, drink a little vino and--hopefully--buy a pair of Italian shoes. I'm still trying to figure out the in-flight knitting situation, yes or no; a plug for the laptop; yarn shops in Rome,dove?, and how in heaven I'm going to finish all the work once I get home.

Non fa niente. I'm going to Rome!

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June 10. 2009 16:44


Semper ubi.  Sub ubi.

It's moments like this I'm glad I took Latin.  A good laugh really clears out the pipes late in the workday.

Marin |

June 10. 2009 16:50


happy travels, but be prepared for stricter rules regarding knitting needles on international flights.  My advice is to sleep and read on the plane and pack your knitting in checked baggage.

threadingwater |

June 12. 2009 06:14

Deborah Robson

Have a wonderful time! Bryspun needles would probably be okay . . . harmlessly flexible (and are inexpensive enough not to cause heart failure if confiscated). I also like using them.

Deborah Robson |

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