So now it's gluten-free

One day she's vegan then poof she's gluten-free. What will that Nake-id girl do next?

(And how 'bout the photo of the brown treacle pictured above. A lovely gluten-free roux made from teff flour, ghee and some leftover bacon-flavored grapeseed oil I bought from a multi-level marketing company.)

So here's the deal: In an ongoing attempt to address some minor but persistent health issues--high cholesterol and some mood challenges--the Ayurvedic Doc asked whether I'd be willing to try going GF for a month.

Oh, sure. So off I trot to the Internets where it appears gluten causes everything from, um, gas and bloating to full-on cancer. This protein, this component of the staff of life, ritualized in the Abrahamic traditions, can not only wreak havoc in your upper and lower plumbing it can foul your brain.

All we can say over here is: OMG. And pass the lettuce.

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January 16. 2013 09:38

Kathy Blaha

Yuk Leslie.  I hope it tasted better than it looked.  We've been mostly gluten free - can't quite give up the toast for breakfast - in this house for a few months. Don't know that it has made us healthier but it has made us skinnier.  And hopefully, for me, faster. Getting ready to run the half marathon in Miami in a week and half!

Kathy Blaha |

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