Soap on a what?

Clearly, there ain’t a lot of bloggin’ going down on these pages as 2007 ebbs. But I did stumble on this in my quest to purchase soapmaking supplies:


A soap mold with bas relief yarn and knitting needles. Totally melted my butter.

I’ll shut up now.



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December 27. 2007 06:28


In a nearby knitting shop, saw handmade soap that looked like cute little sheep. Was packaged with a skein of dishcloth cotton and needles to make a dishcloth.  Your soap is cuter! Happy New Year!

Diana |

December 27. 2007 16:21


How cute!

If you don't know <a href="">The">">The Soap Crone</a>, check out her site. She makes fabulous soaps, and has a useful ebook on it (see link). I buy her soaps at the Pearl Street market.

Kitt |

December 29. 2007 04:46


Love it, this is too cute!!!

Wanda |

January 27. 2008 05:57


Bookmarked your post over at Blog!

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